Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists is held in conjunction with the Annual Scientific Meeting.

NOTICE of the Annual General Meeting

The 2018 APAGBI Annual General Meeting will take place at St. George's Hall, Liverpool on Thursday 17th May at 12.30 pm.  All the information for this meeting can be found below. Members will receive a notice of the AGM via email together with the Agenda and Minutes of the 2017 Meeting, together with a link to this page, where all the other material may be viewed or downloaded.

Dr C Gildersleve APAGBI Honorary Secretary

An archive of the meetings 2012 - 2017 is posted below. Papers from AGMs prior to 2012 are available from the Honorary Secretary on request.

Papers for the AGM to be held in Liverpool on 17th May 2018
Papers for the AGM to be held in Bristol on 8th June 2017
Papers for the 2016 AGM held in Belfast 
Papers for the 2015 AGM held in Aberdeen
Papers for the 2014 Annual General Meeting
Papers for the 2013 Annual General Meeting
Papers for the 2012 Annual General Meeting