Dr Larry Roy

Dr Larry Roy (right) with the APA President, Dr Neil Morton. Professor Andy Wolf delivered the citation:

Dr Lawrence ‘Larry’ Roy has been on the staff of the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto for more than 30 years After graduating in Medicine from Dalhousie University in 1972, Larry spent 3 years as a family physician in Ontario, before taking up Anaesthesia in Toronto. In 1979 he began a Paediatric Anaesthesia Fellowship at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and from there began his long association with this famous institution.

Many of the current members of the Association of Paediatric Anaesthesia and others from North America and around the world have been lucky enough to have been taught by this inspirational paediatric anaesthetist. Few teachers excel both in the academic understanding of paediatric anaesthesia and the practical necessities of this exacting discipline. Larry simply could make even the most difficult cases look straightforward, while at the same time being able to explain succinctly and without fuss what he did. This is indeed a rare gift.

His gifts with working as a team and using his gentle charisma to solve difficult issues were rapidly recognized. Soon after his appointment on staff he became director of the anaesthesia residents and fellows programmes. It was clear that Larry’s style and understanding made him a voice that was listened to within the Sick Children’s Hospital. This led to his appointments as Chief of Anaesthesia (1997 – 2008), Chair of the Medical Advisory Committee (2002 – 2006), Chair of the Quality Management Committee, and a member of the Board of Trustees 2002 – 2006. Recently, Larry took on the role as Vice-president of Medical Affairs for the Hospital for Sick Children.

Dr Roy’s research interests are firmly rooted in practical anaesthesia that can make a difference. He has published widely and speaks with great understanding and clarity making him a very popular speaker at national and international meetings. He has long been a very active member of the Canadian Paediatric Anaesthesia Society and served a term as the President He has contributed to the safety of paediatric anaesthesia with work on anaesthesia outside the operating room including within the emergency room and regional management of post-operative and procedural pain. Always at the forefront of change he established a Telecast Forum which allowed live participation of the entire Children’s’ Hospitals in Canada to discuss key issues and cases in Paediatric Anaesthesia.

Within this packed work life, Larry has still been able to maintain a strong family life with four children and now the addition of grandchildren. His skiing exploits up in Collingwood and further a-field are legendary with friends fellows and ex-fellows at the Sick Children’s’ Hospital who have joined him on the ski fields.’

I am delighted to present Larry Roy for Honorary Membership of the APA.