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Every quarter we will signpost interesting or useful articles published in key journals within the last three months. We will endeavour to include articles that are included in journals you may not subscribe to. A brief review of the articles content will be provided to help you direct your reading. If you would like to get involved contact us at 

Autumn 2023 Journal Watch


  • 🎮 VL with flexible bronchosopy
  • 🦠 Appendicectomies during COVID 19
  • 💉 Ultrasound guided arterial catheterisation
  • 😷 Difficult mask ventilation in children
  • 👁 Using optic nerve sheath diameters as a surrogate marker
Summer 2023 Journal Watch


  • 🍔 Fasting & Gastric Volume
  • 🐣Neonatal VL
  • 🤮RSI in Kids
  • 🧠Ventilation & Cerebral Oxygenation
  • 💤Fatigue in anaesthetists
Spring 2023 Journal Watch


  • 🦠CoVID & post-anaesthetic complications in paediatric patients
  • 👶Infant Hernia repair - GA or Caudal?
  • 💫Hypnosis or GA
  • 💉Regional for circumcision
  • 💊💤Sedation for MRI
  • 🧠Anaesthesia & brain development 
Winter 2022 International Journal watch


  • 💊 Clonidine Vs Midazolam
  • 😵‍💫 Neurovascular coupling in diaphragmatic hernia patients 
  • 💉 Ultrasound guided caudal blockade
  • 🐣 Opioid use in paediatric inguinal hernia patients
  • 💦 Acute kidney injury after non-cardiac surgery
  • 🧠 Brain injury markers after paediatric cardiac arrest
Autumn 2022 IJW


  • After nectarine: how should we provide anesthesia for neonates?
  • Paediatric airway complications during the COVID19 pandemic
  • Consistency of remifentanil concentrations in propofol–remifentanil infusions. A laboratory-based study
  • Global pediatric surgery and anesthesia inequities: how do we have a global effort?
  • An educational article: European resuscitation council guidelines on newborn resuscitation
  • Update on Perioperative Pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension Management
  • Substance use disorder in the anaesthetist
Spring 2022 International Journal Watch


  • Pre-operative fasting in children: ESAIC Guideline
  • Intraoperative Hypotension and Acute Kidney Injury after Non-cardiac Surgery in Infants and Children
  • The Association Between Race and Adverse Postoperative Outcomes in Children With Congenital Heart Disease Undergoing Non-cardiac Surgery
  • Prophylactic progesterone and neurocognitive effects of anaesthesia in rats
  • Emergence agitation in paediatric day case surgery: Narcotrend, HRV & standard monitoring
  • NECTARINE: Peri-operative red blood cell transfusion in neonates and infants
October to Dec 2021 Journal Watch


  • Interactive video games to reduce paediatric procedural pain and anxiety
  • Perioperative cardiac arrest in preterm infants requiring non-cardiac surgery
  • Behavioural changes after hospital discharge in children experiencing emergence delirium
  • Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
  • Anesthesiologist-related factors associated with pediatric anesthesia-related cardiopulmonary arrest
  • Hypoxemia in Young Children Undergoing One-lung Ventilation

2021 September Articles


  • Dexmedetomidine sedation for magnetic resonance imaging in children
  • Effects of animation videos on peri-operative anxiety in children
  • VL vs DL in paediatrics
  • Vaping in kids - impacts on peri-operative care

2021 July Articles

Topics: difficult intubation in neonates, NECTARINE and APRICOT, paediatric airway management, VR for periprocedural care, COVID-19, dexamethasone and surgical site infection.

2021 April Articles

Topics: mortality in a low income country, complications of arterial cannulation, RSI vs modified RSI for pyloromyotomy, U/S guided arterial cannulation, NECTARINE study, ASA in children.

2020 December articles

Topics: Mixifusor, gastric emptying after clear fluids, noninvasive continuous monitoring, neurodevelopment outcomes.

2020 October Articles

Topics: Airway management in COVID-19 patients, multisystem inflammatory syndrome, NMBAs use in difficult airway management, impact of clear fluid fasting on aspiration, early surgery and anesthesia in early childhood, melatonin for anaesthetic indications, prolonged opiod use, preop iron for scoliosis surgery.

2020 August Articles

Topics: adenotonsillectomy, COVID-19, Unplanned day-case admissions, Carbohydrate drinks, Sugammadex

2020 May Articles

Topics: epidural anaesthesia, preoperative fasting, isoelectric EEG under anaesthesia, transfusion in liver failure, benefit of ECMO in sepsis, fibrinogen concentrate.

2019 December articles

Topics: Liver transplantation, Propofol and allergy, TOF, Pediatric risk assessment score, Cranial Vault Reconstruction outcomes, Criteria for extubation.

2019 September Articles

Topics: Post surgical chronic pain, Scoliosis Surgery, Migration of caudal catheters, Sickle Cell Disease, Thrombosis with CVCs, Regional Anaesthesia and APRICOT.

2019 April Articles

Topics: Propofol infusion syndrome, central lines, dexmedetomidine, FiO2, cancer outcomes, neuropsychological outcomes.

2019 March Articles

Topics: platelet transfusion in neonates, paediatric cardiac arrest, epidural vs paravertebral block,  South African Paediatric surgery outcomes, post operative complications in hernia repair, respiratory events in ENT surgery.

2018 September articles

Topics: complications in regional anaesthesia, traumatic brain injury care protocol, extubation in CDH, medication errors, neurodevelopment outcome in CDH, local anesthetics

2018 June articles

Topics: pre-operative fasting, steroids for tonsillectomy, SmartTots, throat packs.

2018 March Articles

Topics: Isoflurane, Diaphragmatic hernia, cuffed tubes, local anaesthetics

2017 December Articles

Topics: Allergy clinics, Chloral vs. IN Dexmedetomidine, videolaryngoscopy and more

2017 September Articles

Topics: Ventilation in Preterm Infants, Preop fluids and Intra op fluids, videolaryngoscopy and more

2017 June Articles

Sugammadex vs. Neostigmine, direct vs. indirect laryngoscopy, hypotension, CPR outcomes and more

2017 March Articles

Fluids, hypothermia, paravertebral block, unplanned admissions and more

2016 December Articles

Topics: Neurotoxicity, Cardiac risk scores, end of life care, TAP blocks, sedation

2016 October Articles

Topics: Caudals in hypospadias, Sugammadex, Preop information, cuffed tubes

2016 June Articles

Topics:  neurotoxocity, QI, cuffed tubes, PCA, neonatal resuscitation

2016 March Articles

Topics: dexmetomidine, adverse airway events, neonatal anaesthesia, parecoxib, Down's syndrome, NICE fluids

2016 February Articles

Topics:  cardiac, neurodevelopment, pain at home, mortality rates, autism and others

2015 October Articles

Topics: dexmetomidine, postoperative pain, peripheral nerve catheters, consent, preoperative fluid intake