Science Committee

The Scientific Committee aims to promote and facilitate research in paediatric anaesthesia, intensive care and pain medicine and also further education about research methodology and evaluation of current literature. The Scientific Committee plays a central role in the evaluation and review of applications, and in monitoring the progress of research projects funded by the APAGBI. Committee Members regularly contribute to scientific sessions at the APAGBI Annual Meeting, and allow members to discuss or seek advice about planned research projects. The Scientific Committee provides representation on the APAGBI Council and the Scientific Council of the National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia.

APA Scientific Committee Members

Philip Arnold (Chair)
Peter Brooks
Hannah Gill
Velupandian Guruswamy
Danielle Franklin
Pratheeban Nambyiah
Natasha Woodman
Jennie Craske
Richard Newton
James Armstrong
John Rutherford
Hannah Longsdale
Amaki Sogbodjor
Thomas Engelhardt
Hannah Lewis