Election to Council

There are seven elected directors on the Council of the APA. Five of these are Home members employed in Great Britain and Ireland, one is an Overseas member and one a Trainee member. The term of office for Home and Overseas members is four years and for the Trainee member, two years.

Election to the post of elected director takes place under the auspices of the Electoral Reform Service and would normally take place approximately six months before the elected director is to retire from Council. Notices of Election will be posted on this page. Full details of the election process can be found in the Standing Orders of the APA

Election to APA Council - Results 2018

The following have been elected to Council:

Colin Dryden, Alderhey

Jonathan Smith, Great Ormond Street

Judith Nolan, Bristol


Notice of election of trainee to APA Council

Nominations are sought from Trainee Members of the Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland for the vacancy of Trainee Representative on the Council of the APA with effect from September 2018.


Notice of election trainee 2018
Nomination form trainee 2018
Supporting statement 2018