Proposal to modernise the APAGBI AGM

We set out below a proposal regarding an important change to our Governance processes as we try to modernise the manner in which we share information and keep our membership appraised of APA activities.  The Articles of our Association, which govern the way we run the APA have been rooted up until this point in the now outdated Companies Act of 1985.  Our Articles have now been re-written, framed by the 2006 Companies Act, which has helped to crystalise our thoughts regarding the most appropriate governance structure for our organisation.  At the heart of this is a proposal to remove the need for an Annual General Meeting of the Association and replace it with a less formal face-to-face Engagement session between Officers, Council and Members at the Annual Scientific Meeting.

This paper sets out this proposal and we would welcome feedback sent to by Friday 16th April such that we can finalise the papers and agenda for the Online AGM to be held on May 12th, 2021.  Formal notice of the AGM will be posted on the website and sent by email in due course. 

Please take this opportunity give us your views and we very much look forward to seeing you at our Online AGM on May 12th, 2021. 

Feedback should be sent to 


Articles of Association of APAGBI

The Articles of Association of the APAGBI were revised in 2021

Standing Orders of the APAGBI

The Standing Orders of the APA describe how the APA functions and are revised every 2 years. The current Standing Orders were revised in 2021.