The 'new look' APA Newsletter has arrived and you will be able to view it on this page.

The T-Piece will be released every 4 months providing increased opportunity for the membership to be kept up to date with developments in the world of paediatric anaesthesia and the work of the APA committee. We hope you enjoy this new style newsletter and of course would welcome feedback on this development.

Autumn 2017
  • Election to Council, Liverpool 2018, Dr Gordon Bush, Honorary members 2017, Linkman Meeting 2017, Trainee update, Education and Training news, Guidelines update
Spring/Summer 2017
  • President's report, Obituary for Dr Roddie McNicol, Trainee update, Education and Training snippets, News on Linkman 2017, Scottish update
Autumn 2016
  • President's report, Obituary for Dr Peter Morris , Pictures from Belfast 2016], Honorary Members 2016, New Safeguarding microsite

Erratum: Please note that there is an error in the obituary for Dr Peter Morris.  The correct dates for his tenure as Treasurer of FEAPA are 1997-2005 not 1991-1993 as stated.

Spring 2016
  • President's Report, Trainee news, Charity options, Scottish Snippets, Pictures from Aberdeen 2015
November 2014
  • President's Report, Ode to anaesthesia, Education Website update, Battery Ingestion Update, Trainees Report
July 2014
  • Presidents report, The National Cardiac Arrest audit, Trainees report, Forthcoming meetings, CQC
April 2014
  • President's report, National cardiac arrest audit, Trainee's report, Forthcoming meetings, ACCEA report
January 2014
  • President's report, Focus on Education and Training, Peer Review update, Anaesthesia in Zambia, Trainee's report, Forthcoming meetings
October 2013
  • President's report, Election notices, Upcoming meetings, Trainees report
July 2013
  • President's report
  • Apricot study
  • ASM report and Citations
  • Lifebox
  • Trainees report
April 2013
  • President's report
  • Linkman update
  • Peer review
  • Election notices
  • Trainee report
January 2013
  • President's report
  • Research Grants
  • New Society
  • Election results
  • Trainee report
October 2012
  • President's report
  • Survey of Paediatric practice
  • Financial review of the year
  • Trainee report
July 2012
  • President's report
  • Forthcoming elections
  • ASM Birmingham review
  • Trainee report
April 2012
  • President's report
  • Non-specialist advisor
  • Linkman co-ordinator
  • Play specialists
  • Trainee report
APA Winter Newsletter 2011

• Results of members survey
• Results of election
• ASM Birmingham preview
• President's report
• Position statement on NCEPOD
• Trainees report

APA Summer Newsletter 2011

POEMS for children Page 5

• Join the APAGBI Education & Training Committee • Applying for an APA “non-research” grant 
• Reconstructive Surgery at The Holy Spirit Hospital, Makeni, Sierra Leone  • Northern Cleft Foundation Camp 2011, Nagpur, India. • Going Overseas Network National Meeting 
• Annual Scientific Meeting 2011 • Citations for Honorary Members: • The Linkman Meeting  
• Obituary — Dr Samuel Harold Swann Love • Notice of ESPA Meeting