Honorary Members

The APA has for many years conferred honorary membership on paediatric anaesthetists and others who have made an outstanding contribution to paediatric anaesthesia. 

One of the first to be accorded this honour was Thomas Phillip Ayre.

Here is a list of the recent Honorary members of the APA:

Professor Fritz Berry 2009  Citation »
Dr Bill Hinton 2009  Citation »
Dr Robin Bray 2010  
Dr Larry Roy  2010  Citation
Mrs Madeleine Wang  2010   
Dr Peter Crean  2011  Citation
Dr George Meakin  2011  Citation »
Dr Krister Nilsson  2011  Citation »
Dr Declan Warde  2011  
Dr Franz Frei 2012  
Dr Anna Maria Rollin 2012  
Dr Jane Peutrell 2013  
Dr Martin Johr 2013  
Mrs Ann Seymour 2013 Citation 
Dr Ian Barker 2014 Citation »
Dr Marcin Rawicz 2014 Citation » 
Dr John Currie  2014  
Dr Helen Holtby 2015  
Dr Rob Friesen 2015  
Dr Chris Vallis 2015  
Dr David Simpson 2015  
Professor Per-Arne Lönnqvist 2016 Citation
Dr Neil Morton 2016 Citation
Dr David Fell 2016 Citation
Dr Kathy Wilkinson 2017 Citation
Professor Francis Veyckemans 2017 Citation
Dr Bob Bingham 2018 Citation
Professor Andrew Wolf 2019  
Mrs Sara Payne 2019  
Dr Alistair Cranston 2020  
Dr Isabeau Walker 2020  
Professor Walid Habre 2020