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Title Editorial Results
Do you perform rapid sequence induction (RSI) in all emergencies? Hot topic 23  
Should all children receive patient-controlled analgesia after laparoscopic appendicectomy? Hot topic 22  

Endotracheal Intubation or Laryngeal Mask Airway for Paediatric Adenotonsillectomy Surgery?

Hot topic 21  
What classes a paediatric anaesthetist? Hot topic 20  
Supraglottic airway device removal: awake vs deep Hot topic 19  
Should the anaesthetist obtain consent when a child undergoes an MRI scan? Hot topic 18  
Pre-assessment clinics Hot topic 17  
Oral Morphine TTO Hot topic 16  
Intubation without muscle relaxation Hot topic 15  
Airway for baby having MRI Hot topic 14  
Pre-op pregnancy testing (May 2017) Hot topic 13  
Drawing up suxamethonium before lists Hot topic 12  
Central venous access devices (Nov 2016) Hot topic 11  
Sickle cell disease Hot Topic 10  
Clonidine as an additive in caudals and nerve blocks Hot Topic 9  
Pre-operative oral carbohydrate fluids (2016) Hot Topic 8  
Pre-operative starvation (July 2015) Hot Topic 7  
Cuffed Endotracheal Tubes (June 2015) Hot Topic 6  
Premedication in children (May 2015) Hot Topic 5 Here
Blood transfusion triggers and therapeutic targets (Spring 2015) Hot Topic 4 Here
Residual Anaesthetic Drugs in Cannulae and Intravenous Lines (2014) Hot Topic 3 Here
The Difficult Airway Trolley (2014) Hot Topic 2  
Recovery position (2014) Hot Topic 1