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Peer Review

January 2023

The APAGBI has provided an interdepartmental peer review service for over 20 years and has been involved in reviews of specialty children’s hospitals and DGHs in most of the nations of the UK. This has always been a way of providing support for departments where there have been challenges in delivering safe services and a way of sharing good practice. We have more recently worked closely with the ACSA team within the RCOA to support the development of the standards for their assessment of aspects of care for children within anaesthetic services provided by all types of hospital.

Reviews of paediatric anaesthetic services are now being provided by the RCOA ACSA team (more here) and also within regional networks.

However, if any department feels it would benefit from a voluntary review by a team of experienced peers, then please contact the APAGBI committee via secretary@apagbi.org.uk . Such reviews have previously been of great benefit where there have been departmental service issues, organisational issues within the wider hospital or concerns at specific elements of care pathways.

The Legacy downloads relating to peer review remain below, as reference. 


Step by step guide to Peer Review
Useful information on APA Peer Review
Departmental 360 Feedback
Short portfolio - non-specialist centre
Short Portfolio - Specialist Centre
Children and families questionaire
Departmental SWOT analysis
ACSA Standard Checklist
GPAS Paediatrics Checklist