The APAGBI shall, from time to time, award grants for the purposes of research, education and other activities in line with the Association’s aims.

These are governed by the Standing Orders.

Grant funding for Research may be available through partnership with the National Institute for Academic Anaesthesia. Funds may be available indirectly from the APA to support successful Grant applications to the NIAA. These grants will be advertised on the APAGBI and NIAA website.

Funds may also be made available for research, audit or QI projects commissioned from the APA Scientific Committee and ratified by Council that are in line with the aims of the Association. The Scientific Committee will supervise these. Applications can be submitted to the Scientific Committee using this form

The APAGBI council may, from time-to-time, make discretionary grants available to members for other purposes in keeping with the Association’s aims. These may include, but are not limited to, grants for developing educational material for members or information for patients and families. Grants will only be made following submission of a completed application form. These grants can only be awarded following a recommendation to Council of either the Education and Training or Professional Standards Committees, which will undertake a thorough review (Standing orders, Appendix 3).