Call for New Projects

We are currently inviting proposals for the next national project to follow on from PEACHY.

We have had some great ideas for new projects and will be reviewing them in the coming months.  Due to the current pandemic, we are reviewing the best timing to go forward.


The method for choosing a new project is as follows : 

Each Project submission will be scored anonymously by members of:

  • The PATRN Committee
  • The APAGBI Scientific Committee

To reach a consensus on the successful project


Each category will be awarded a mark of between 1 and 5 (poor to excellent):

1.  Clarity of hypotheses, aims and/or objectives

2.  Strengths and weaknesses of project

3.  Feasibility of work programme & relevant track-record of applicant including quality of pilot study. Have       possible pitfalls been identified/explored.

4.  Overall benefit to the NHS (including priorities) and relevance to paediatric anaesthesia


If you have any queries about project proposals then please contact at



New Project Checklist 2019

Checklist of information needed for new project submissions

Project submission template 2019

Please use this template to submit your project idea