When is PEACHY happening?
  • PEACHY has launched and is open for registration
  • Data collection during a four week window from 9th September to 6th October
  • This is a prospective observational cohort study
  • The data collection period will be over 7 consecutive days
  • The exact dates within the study period can be chosen by individual local centres
  • The study period will last a total of 4 weeks
What are the inclusion / exclusion criteria?


  • All children aged 2 – 16 years having a general anaesthetic within the study period
  • This includes remote sites such as MRI / IR / CT and endoscopy
  • Elective, day case and emergency cases
  • Including oncology and dental cases
  • Weight > 12 Kg
  • Private cases occurring in an NHS hospital



  • <2 year olds and > 16 year olds
  • Children having procedures under local / regional anaesthesia or sedation
  • Children having a general anaesthetic for surgery on the neonatal intensive care unit or paediatric intensive care unit
  • Children requiring general anaesthesia as part of their intensive care treatment only
  • Children who are already anaesthetised in the intensive care setting being transferred for a scan or procedure without any intervention to their airway planned
  • Weight <12Kg
What is PEACHY looking at?
  1. To establish the proportion of overweight and obese children aged 2 – 16 years attending hospitals for surgery across the PEACHY registered centres.
  2. To establish whether obese children are at increased risk of defined adverse perioperative events as compared to their health weight counterparts in this study population
  3. To assess variation in perioperative paracetamol dosing for overweight and obese children in the study population
Is there ethics approval?

PEACHY has HRA and REC approval as a non-consenting study- 18/WM/0394

What roles are required in each study centre?
  • The research team in Southampton consists of the  Chief Investigator, the R&D department and Principle Investigator.
  • In each study site, there will need to be a lead local collaborator as a point of contact and to ensure that the study is running according to protocol.  This is likely to be a consultant lead and the data collection will be performed by a group of trainees.
  • We will also need a point of contact in your local R&D.  This will be required for the form to enrol in the study.
Do we need GCP to participate?
  • The lead collaborator in each site will need to be GCP trained
  • The remaining team members need to be appropriately trained in research and currently, the best way to do this is GCP.
  • Training is available online here:

  • To complete the module you will first need to register with the NIHR Learning Management System to create an account using your NHS or university email address.

Since this study is an NIHR Portfolio study, will it count towards accruals / Will there be any financial incentive?

No, as PEACHY is a non-consenting study