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Working with Charities

The APAGBI recognises the significant voluime of work delivered by paediatric anaesthetists working with international medical charity organisations. In order to support this work, we have started to collect some of the information about these charities which has been sublitted by volunteers. This information provides useful contact information and also  share some of the experiences gathered on these missions. If you would like to submit information on a charity you have worked for, please send to webmaster@apagbi.org.uk 

Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF)

Aim: Perioperative care of children in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria.

Requirements: Opportunities for all surgical specialties (cardiac, neuro, cleft, plastics). Multinational teams, EU, US etc often involved.

Where: Palestinian territories (West Bank and Gaza) Lebanon.

Contact: Need to complete  application form and provide evidence of degrees revalidation etc. Responsibility waiver applies. Websitewww.pcrf.net. Email: 

Operation Smile

Aim: Surgical repair of cleft lip and palate 

Requirements: Experience in cleft lip/ENT surgery. 

Where: Developing countries e.g. India, Africa, Central America

Contact: Need to complete  application form and provide evidence of degrees, revalidation etc.

Website: www.operationsmile.org.uk

International Children's Heart Foundation

Aim: Cardiac surgical repair in South America

Requirements: Significant experience in paediatric cardiac anaesthesia

Where: South America

Contact: Need to apply directly and you will be asked for references. randa.blenden@babyheart.org 


Caribbean Heart Care

Aim: Cardiac repair in Trinidad

Requirements: Paediatric cardiac anaesthesia (intensive care skills useful)

Where:  Trinidad

Contact: Prof Massimo Caputo at Bristol Heart Centre, University Hospitals Bristol, Malbrough st, Bristol BS2 8BJ


Aim:  To promote the use of the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist in developing countries and also to make available a good quality pulse oximeter for use in hospitals anywhere in the world. More here.

Where: Developing countries

Website:  www.lifebox.org

Northern Cleft Foundation

Aim: Surgical repair of cleft lip and palate

Requirements: Experience in cleft lip/ENT surgery.

Where: India

Contact: Details and application here