APA Linkman Meetings

2 Linkman Meetings will be held in 2021 and Registration is now open for both:
10th February: 3pm to 5pm
4th November: 3pm to 5pm

The next Linkman Meeting (CPD approved) will take place online on 10th February 2021 from 3pm to 5pm

More information, the list of speakers and the link to register is available at Linkman Meeting Feb info

Number of CPD credits available for full attendance (2 hours) is: 2 

Fee: Early Registration is £30 for APAGBI Members/Linkmen (Non-Members are welcome too: see event page for full pricelist).

Reasons to attend:

  • 2 CPD credits available
  • Top quality online education
  • Great value for money
  • Convenient: attend wherever you are
  • Relevance: a variety of topics relevant to current and future practice
Programme Background from Colin Dryden, Chair, APAGBI Meetings Committee:

The programme for February’s online Linkman meeting has been put together to offer updates and new perspectives on aspects of everyday service which were bread and butter before COVID and are not going to go away post-COVID.

Simon Courtman has a specialist interest in preoperative assessment. Preoperative assessment has over the last few years, been a growing area of interest as a means of improving patient care while also delivering greater efficiency by reducing cancellations on the day of procedure. Arguably, with the impact of the pandemic, preoperative assessment is a development whose time has come, and maximising activity delivered has never been more pressing.

Chris Evans has developed the Little Journey virtual reality app which aims to improve the experience of children attending hospital for procedures under anaesthesia. Improved preparation and experience potentially reduce the need for sedative premedication and also reduce the likelihood of refusal in the anaesthetic - both of which help towards delivering planned activity.

Preoperative assessment and preparation dovetail neatly with each other to reduce cancellation at short notice and to improve the experience for children and their carers, all of which add up to increased satisfaction for patients and also for hospital staff.

Meanwhile, even in the most stressful of situations, the expectation and requirement that hospitals respond to emergencies professionally and effectively necessitate new approaches to ensuring preparedness. Learning from industrial settings with a high element of jeopardy, Hannah Lonsdale will highlight how simulation is increasingly being seen as a route to improving the response of healthcare teams with the aim of improving patient safety. The role of regulatory bodies is not in dispute, but in order to maintain relevance in a continually evolving ethical and legal framework, it is necessary from time to time for guidance to be updated or even completely revised.

Hugo Wellesley will help make sense of the most recent guidance published by the GMC on consent issues and identify those established approaches which may no longer be fit for purpose.



Come and join us on 10th February to hear these excellent and stimulating speakers.


APA Linkman Meeting Archive

The first Linkman Meeting was held at the Royal College of Anaesthetists on the 17th November 2006 and continued on an annual basis until 2011. No meeting took place in 2012 while a reassessment of the Linkman scheme took place.   Here is an archive of material from the meetings from 2006 to 2017.

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