Education and Training

Welcome to the APA education and training pages.

On behalf of the Education and Training Committee, welcome to the APA education and training pages on our exciting new website. We have been working hard to bring you resources on these pages that reflect the reality of the current working life of a paediatric anaesthetist; quickly accessible, quality resources. 

You will see that the site is divided into a number of different sections to help you navigate quickly and easily among the varied resources. This should help you find what you need and maybe encourage you to look at something new!

These sections either signpost to resources that we have developed ourselves or  highlight those available already. They are regularly updated and reviewed to save you time. 

If you know of further educational resources that may be of interest to members please do let us know.  If links are broken or don’t work then please email the Webmaster so that we can rectify things as soon as possible. If there are new sections you think we might add then please email or tweet us.


These are some of the highlights of the sections:

APA Hot Topics: We post regular Hot Topics for members to engage with. This is your chance to get involved, join the debate and stimulate learned discussion in your department on current issues in paediatric anaesthesia. In 2019 we will be posting a new Hot Topic every month so check the website regularly to have your say. All Hot Topic summaries are now additionally reviewed by the Education and Training Committee prior to publication on our website.  

International Journal Watch: A quarterly summary of articles in key journals has been a member favourite since 2016. New for 2018 and our new website is International Journal Watch, an exciting  collaboration with our SPANZA colleagues down under which will increase our exposure to publications from around the world. 

Trainee Section: This section is full of useful information and resources for those developing their skills in paediatric anaesthesia. Among them are how to organise a fellowship, how to undertake research and how to apply for grants. The fantastic  trainee handbook has been updated for 2018 and is available to download.  

eResources: Anything electronic from helping with your day to day working life to continuing your professional development. This includes links to popular podcasts, video lectures and apps. The fantastic trainee handbook has been updated for 2018 and is available to download.  

I hope you enjoy our new pages on our new website. We will continue to develop them in conjunction with the needs of all our members. If there are any more resources you would like to see or content you would find useful, please let us know and we will see what we can do.

Mary LaneMary Lane

Chair, Education and Training committee