Research Network (PATRN)

What is PATRN?

Originally founded by two senior anaesthetic trainees, Paediatric Anaesthesia Trainee Research Network (PATRN) is a network of motivated and enthusiastic anaesthetic trainees with an interest in paediatric anaesthesia. We form a collaborative via which trainees can undertake multi-centre research and audit projects. PATRN is supported by the APAGBI Scientific Committee. Although we are predominantly a trainee network, all non-consultant doctors are also welcome as PATRN representatives and committee members.


How do I get involved?

There is a large amount of paediatric anaesthesia occurring in non-specialist centres. We aim to maintain a trainee in every hospital that anaesthetises children. Some of our projects will be suitable for all hospitals, others for tertiary centres. Any non-consultant anaesthetist can be part of PATRN.

Please contact us via email

In non-specialist centres, the APA linkmen may also be the PATRN consultant supervisor.


Who is my PATRN Representative?

You can have a look at the current PATRN database which lists the PATRN representatives and consultant supervisors in each centre.

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