PEACHY is the upcoming project from PATRN. Here you will find all the information you need to get started

PEACHY is an upcoming study study lead by the Paediatric Anaesthetic Trainee Research Network (PATRN) looking into the effect of obesity on perioperative complications in paediatric patients undergoing anaesthesia.

The study has been accepted to the NIHR Portfolio - CPMS 40368 / IRAS 248493

The study is being run with scientific support from the APA, the lead site is University Hospital Southampton.

We aim

  1. To establish the proportion of overweight and obese children aged 2-16 years attending hospitals for procedures under general anaesthesia across the PEACHY registered sites in the UK.
  2. To establish whether obese children are at increased risk of defined adverse perioperative events as compared to their healthy weight counterparts in this study population.
  3. To assess variation in perioperative paracetamol dosing for overweight and obese children in the study population.

PEACHY has launched!  You can register here.  Data collection is due to start in September 2019.

We will be updating these pages with documents to get started and more information as the study progresses.