-------- 8th November--------

Data collection compete

Data collection has now completed and has all been uploaded to REDCap - over 4500 cases!!!

We will soon start the analysis process.

We expect to present results in 2020


Thank you to all who took part - we are in the process of creating and sending certificates for participation

-------- PEACHY --------
-------- 18th July--------

Local Information Pack & Documents Update

Following feedback we have updated the following documents

  • Organisation Information Document document is now in .doc format
  • Site specific poster has been updated to include space for Trusts to write their own dates and contact information

The FAQ will be updated soon with common queries that have been sent to  Please check the FAQ first before e-mailing any further queries.

If your site has not registered - there is still time.  Please fill in the registration form here if you have not already.


-------- PEACHY --------
-------- 26th June 2019--------

Expressions of interest

We have received a number of expressions of interest through our e-mail and we are adding the emails to the database for further correspondence.

If you are interested in partaking in the study please fill in the online registration form here if you have not yet done so.

Once this is filled in we can move to the next steps of the study

  • The local information documents will be available in the next week on the documents section of this site
  • This provides your local R&D with the information required for their review prior to commencing the study
  • An e-mail notification will be sent when this is available to those who have registered
  • If there is any information missing from the registration form we will be in touch to finalise the details

If you have any specific questions please have a look at the FAQ or email us if you cannot find the answer


-------- PEACHY --------
-------- 30st May 2019--------

We are now open for registration! 

You can find the registration form here

To sign up your trust up for the study you will need to identify

  1. A lead trainee for the study
  2. A consultant lead
  3. A contact in R&D

We look forward to hearing from you!

-------- PEACHY --------