The APA are pleased to share podcasts on behalf of 'What a Pain' podcast, and the APA's own podcasts recorded at past ASM's

During the Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists annual scientific meetings, we ask invited speakers to record a question and answer session on their lecture topic. These are our podcasts recorded in Belfast 2016, Bristol 2017, Liverpool 2018 and Sheffield 2019. Interviews recorded by Dr Sumit Das APA Secretary

The Podcasts can be found on Buzzsprout and Apple Podcasts.


Year Topic Speaker
2019 Sheffield NAP6 Paediatric Considerations Dr Mark Thomas (London)
  How to approach paediatric organ donation Dr Simon Steel (Sheffield)
  Apply and use the Nectarine Study outcomes Dr Nicola Disma (Genova, Italy)
  Allergies and asthma Dr Nicola Jay (Sheffield)
2018 Liverpool New Techniques in Paediatric Airway Management Dr Richard Craig (Liverpool)
  Helping Children Cope with Surgery - Interventions in the Paediatric Anaesthetist’s Arsenal Dr Chris Evans (London)
  The Problem of Visceral Pain Dr Kevin McCarthy (Dublin)
2017 Bristol "Getting on" - The ageing anaesthetist Dr Liam Brennan (Cambridge)
  The Neonatal Brain and Anaesthesia Prof Laszlo Vutskits (Geneva)
  Lessons Learned from Bristol Dr Steve Bolsin (Australia)
  Avoiding the Legal Landmines Mr Bertie Leigh (London)
2016 Belfast Paediatric blood transfusions Dr Philip Arnold (Liverpool)
  Intravenous Fluid Therapy Dr Chris Gildersleve (Cardiff)
  Dexmetomidine Dr Gill Lauder (Vancouver)
  Debriefing the Team Prof Andrew Wolf (Bristol)