Roddie McNicol Prize 2024

In memory of Dr Roddie McNicol the APA is pleased to announce the 2024
Roddie McNicol prize for Regional Analgesia in children.
Roddie McNicol Prize Submission Details

This award of £500 for a submission on regional analgesia in children is open to trainees or consultants within 5 years of appointment in May 2024. They should be the first author of the paper.

The submission should be formed of a complete paper and an abstract based on either:

• An article published in a Peer Reviewed journal published during the last calendar year or

• An original review or research paper yet to be submitted to a Peer Reviewed journal.

The submission will be 4,000 words or less.

This prize will not necessarily be awarded every year but only if a submission of sufficient quality is received, as judged by a panel convened by the Scientific Committee of the APAGBI.
The prize winner will be expected to make a 15-minute presentation on the topic to the APA Annual Scientific Meeting in Newcastle in May 2024.


The closing date for submission will be March 1st 2024.

For further information please contact:
Dr. Sumit Das
APAGBI Honorary Secretary

Congratulations to our previous winners 

  • Dr Annabel Pearson, Bristol Royal Hospital for Children the winner of the 2023 Dr Roddie McNichol Prize for Regional Anaesthesia in Children with "New Blocks on the Kids"
  • Dr Akhil Gupta receiving the inaugural Dr Roddie McNicol for Regional Analgesia in Children on ‘Paediatric Epidural Analgesia: A 20 year review of practice in a tertiary hospital’