APA Linkmen

Almost all hospitals that provide surgical services for children have appointed Clinical Leads for Paediatric Anaesthesia.


Linkman Ethos - Link, learn, connect and collaborate 

The APAGBI aims to maintain links with all paediatric anaesthetists, particularly those working in non-specialist hospitals. This allows us to disseminate relevant information more effectively, consult more widely on aspects of clinical practice and service models for children’s surgery, and obtain feed-back from those providing these services.


Terms of Reference for the Trust Linkman:

The linkman will be the liaison between the APA and the personnel delivering anaesthesia for children. They will take responsibility for two-way communication with the APA while actively participating in their regional network. 

The linkman will demonstrate a passion for learning, for personal, professional and team development and will connect with other specialities and professions involved in the delivery of care for children.


Linkman database

Since 2005 a database of members has been maintained, and is currently managed by the AAGBI Specialist Societies Coordinator. We would encourage any anaesthetist with a passion for children’s services to register as a Linkman, particularly Lead Paediatric Anaesthetists. You can do this by emailing apagbiadministration@aagbi.org. We would be grateful if those already registered, either as Linkmen or contacts for regional groups, help us to keep the database up-to-date by notifying changes in either their own details or those subsequently assuming the lead role from them. The database has recently been updated in 2017 to include trainees who are part of PATRN the trainee network.

The Linkman Scheme Coordinator will work collaboratively with APA council members to promote the maintenance of professional standards, be a catalyst for change and facilitate quality improvement initiatives


APA Linkman Co-ordinator

Currently, Dr Nirmala Soundararajan is the Linkman Co-ordinator, and can be contacted 
Dr Nirmala Soundararajan or via APAGBI Administration, 21 Portland Place, London W1B1PY.


Proposed Financial Support for Regional Network Meetings**

The APAGBI is supporting regional networks by offering funding for external speakers to attend who might not otherwise be affordable. For more information click here. Completed application forms should be sent to the Treasurer.


Honorary Contract

The Certificate of Fitness for Honorary Practice is designed to encourage anaesthetists with some element of paediatric anaesthetsia in their job plan, to attend a regional teaching centre to update their skills and meet some of their CPD requirements for appraisal and revalidation. The 2016 certificate is here and more information is also available from the NHS Employers website.