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Specialty Organisations

Within paediatric anaesthesia, subspecialty groups have evolved to further develop and advance the care of children having specific types of surgery or elements of the perioperative journey.

The APAGBI is very supportive of the important work these groups are doing and is trying to offer some resources in order to develop and share the specialist knowledge from each group. As part of this support, we have developed web pages for each society to use which are listed below and in the menu on the right.

If you are involved in such a specialist group, and would like to contact the APAGBI to discuss similar support, please contact the secretary@apagbi.org.uk

Paediatric Perioperative Care (P-POC)

A group of paediatric anaesthetists from the UK who have an interest in preassessment and perioperative medicine in children. More info : Paediatric Perioperative Care Pages>>

Paediatric Pain Travelling Club

A large group of healthcare professionals from the UK and Ireland, with an interest in acute and chronic pain in children. Click here for more.

Paediatric Percutaneous Lines Group

The Paediatric Percutaneous Lines Group is an email based group of professionals who have come together to share experience and ideas about vascular access for children. Members post questions to the group and share best practice about PICC or tunnelled lines. The PPLG membership group includes anaesthetists radiologists, surgeons and nurse specialists from around the world. We are always happy to welcome anybody who is new to paediatric lines, or people who are looking to set up a service. If you would like to join the email group, please contact Dr Richard Skone at richard.skone@wales.nhs.uk