ASM London 2023

This page serves as an archive of the meeting that took place in London on 2023


The 50th APAGBI Annual Scientific Meeting will took place 24th - 26th May 2023 in London. 
It was a special celebration, as we were joined by colleagues from SPANZA


The conference microsite holds the organisational details of the conference

London 24th – 26th May 2023
De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms, Covent Garden.


Wednesday 24 May 2023 >> Innovations in Perioperative Medicine in Paediatrics
13:30    Welcome address   
13:35  Making every contact count in paediatric pre-assessment.  Samantha Black, Consultant Anaesthetist, Medway NHS Trust
14:00 Pre-operative Anaemia update.  Nadia Ladak, Consultant Anaesthetist, Sheffield Children’s NHS Trust
14:25 Paediatric Obesity; Optimising the snoring child for adeno-tonsillectomy.  Zoe Burton, Consultant Anaesthetist, Sheffield Children’s NHS Trust
14:50   Peri-operative care of autistic children and young adults Amy Norrington, Consultant, South Tees NHS Trust
15:15  Break: Refreshments and networking  
15:50 Presentation of APAGBI Guidelines and results of ODN Survey. Shyamala Moganasundaram, Consultant Anaesthetist, Evelina London Children’s Hospital
16:10  Preassessment, our journey so far in the South Thames Laura Snow, Lead Nurse for Surgery in Children, South Thames Paediatric Network
16:30 Developing a Children’s Pre-Assessment Practitioner Course. Gael Rolls, Lead Nurse, South West Surgery in Children, Operational Delivery Network
16:50   Discussion   
Thursday 25th May - Day 1 - Grand Connaught Rooms
Stream 1 Stream 2

Paediatric Trauma

Chairs:     Dr Simon Courtman and Dr Anna Miedecke

History of Anaesthesia Session – Tonsillectomy through the ages

Chairs:     Dr Karen Bartholomew and Dr Sumit Das

Epidemiology of Paediatric Trauma 

Dr Ceri Elbourne, Specialist Registrar Anaesthesia, Royal London Hospital

The Surgical Perspective        

Mr James Ramsden, ENT Surgeon, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

aediatric Trauma Resuscitation Anaesthesia

   Dr Sabeena Qureshi, Paediatric Anaesthetist, St. Mary’s Hospital, London

The Anaesthetic Perspective

        Dr Arnie Choi, Paediatric Anaesthetist, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

Violence Reduction     

      Mr Michael Carver, Trauma Surgeon,  Clinical Lead  for Violance Reduction Academy, Royal London Hospital, London

Questions and Discussion​




Stream 2

Frontiers in Fetal and Neonatal Surgery

Chairs:     Dr Laurance Hulatt and Dr David Sandeman

Non Cardiac Surgery in Children with Heart Disease

Chairs:        Dr Tim Murphy and Dr Dan Taylor

Diaphragmatic Hernia – Life in the FETO era 

Prof. Mark Davenport, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon 
King’s College London

Update on Risk Stratification of CHD patients

Dr Viviane Nasr, Assoc. Professor of Anaesthesia, Boston Children’s Hospital, USA

Airway EXIT Procedures 

Dr Reema Nandi, Consultant Anaesthetist  and   
            Mr Richard Hewitt, Consultant ENT Surgeon, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London

Pre-assessment: in the Amber Zone

Dr Anna Miedecke, Paediatric Cardiac Anaesthetist, Queensland Children’s Hospital, Brisbane, Australia 

Panel Discussion

Anaesthesia For High Risk Cardiac Physiologies              

Professor Mark Twaite, Professsor of Anesthesiology, Children’s Hospital of Colorado, Aurora, USA

LUNCH, Exhibition and Posters

Symposium hosted by the Society for Paediatric Anaesthesia in New Zealand and Australia

Dr Fiona Taverner and Dr Chris Gildersleve

HiFlo – applications in Paediatric Anaesthesia

 Dr Susan Humphreys, Assoc. Professor of Anaesthesia, Queensland Children’s Hospital, Brisbane, Australia

Publishing – the future

Prof. Andrew Davidson, Professor of Paediatric Anaesthesia, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

 The EPIC Story: Effective Peri-procedural Communication

 Dr Alex Donaldson, Paediatric Anaesthetist, Queensland Children’s Hospital, Brisbane, Australia

 Presentation of Honorary Members

Jackson Rees Lecture         Chair:     Mark Thomas

Paediatric Palliative Care: from pain to progress. 

 Ruth Kennedy, Lady Dundas, Founder of Louis Dundas Centre for Children’s Palliative Care



Friday 26th May - Day 2 - Grand Connaught Rooms
Free Papers - Chairs:     Dr Phil Arnold and Associate Professor Paul Lee-Archer
O1    Do Anaesthesia Ventilators Deliver What They Should – A Comparative Evaluation In The Neonatal Lung Model
J. Spaeth, University Medical Centre Freiburg, Germany
O2    Pre-Operative Echocardiography For Risk Stratification Of Children With Idiopathic Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Undergoing General Anaesthesia For Cardiac Catheterization
T. J. W. Dawes, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust, UK
O3    Revew Of The Frequency And Severity Of Emergencies In The Recovery Room Of A Tertiary Paediatric Hospital With Nurse Led (Fully Awake) Extubations
E. O'Sullivan, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, Ireland
O4    Super Sedation!  Using Sedation Delivered By Mucosal Atomization Device (M.A.D) Reduces The Need For General Anaesthetic In Children Aged 1-8 Years For Audiology Testing
M. Jepson, Birmingham Women's and Children's NHS Foundation Trust, UK
O5    Training Review In Paediatric Anaesthesia(Trip): An Exposure & Workload Distribution Survey
S. M. Chan, University College London Hospitals NHS Trust, UK 
O6    Paediatric Trauma For Anaesthetists: An Interactive E-Learning Course
E. Samuel, Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Trust, UK    

Roddie McNicol Prize presentation: 

New blocks on the kids: core basic nerve blocks in paediatric anaesthesia
A. M. E. Pearson, Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust, Bristol, UK 

Prize presentation by Mark Thomas, President APAGBI 

Break, Exhibition and Posters    

Peri-op Behaviour Challenges and Outcomes
Chairs:     Dr Lucy Hepburn and Dr Raju Reddy

A Practical Approach to Peri-operative Anxiety – designing a service
Dr Alex Donaldson, Paediatric Anaesthetist, Queensland Children’s Hospital, Brisbane, Australia 

Challenging Behaviour – Co-operation in the Pre-cooperative
Dr Simon Courtman, Paediatric Anaesthetist, Plymouth Hospital

Post-op Behavioural Outcomes
Dr Paul Lee-Archer, Associate Professor, Paediatric Anaesthesia, Queensland Children’s Hospital, Brisbane, Australia

Panel Discussion

Stream 1  Stream 2
Metabolic Disease/Myopathy - Chair:     Dr Vivianne Nasr and Dr Yosha Prasad

Cornwall Suite      Neonatal Surgery and Anaesthesia: up to date

Chair:    Dr Reema Nandi and Prof Mark Twite

The Skeletal Muscle Ryanodine Receptor (RYR1), Malignant Hyperthermia (MH) and Related Disorders

Dr Heinz Jungbluth, Professor of Paediatric Neurology, Evelina London Children’s Hospital

Surgical Frontiers   

     Prof. Paulo DeCoppi, Professor of Paediatric Anaesthesia, UCL Institute of Child Health

Practical Approach to Undiagnosed Myopathic Child

Dr Raksa Tupprasoot, Consultant Anaesthetist, Evelina London Children’s Hospital

 Anaesthetic Frontiers  

     Dr Anil Visram, Paediatric Anaesthetist, Royal London Hospital

Metabolic Disease for the Anaesthetist

Dr Hugh Lemonde, Consultant in Paediatric Metabolic Disease, Evelina London Children’s Hospital

Regional Anaesthesia for Neonatal Hernias

Dr Fiona Taverner, Deputy Director Research, Flinders Medical Centre, Adelaide, Australia. 

Panel Discussion 

 Panel Discussion



The President’s Session:    

Dr Mark Thomas and Dr Anna Miedecke

Prizes and Announcements: Pediatric Anaesthesia Poster prize presented by: Dr Andrew Davidson and Dr Phil Arnold

Debate: “A green anaesthetic: safe for the planet but is it safe for the patient?” 

APAGBI: Dr Jonny Groome, Dr Peter Brooks, Dr Helen Hulme-Smith

SPANZA: Associate Professor Paul Lee-Archer, Dr Fiona Taverner, Dr Scott Ma

Conference closing remarks and  Invitation to 51st Annual Scientific Meeting of APAGBI Newcastle