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From time to time the APA releases advisory or safety statements. This is usually in reponse to recent advances in literature or to coincide with the publication of reports or documents by other organisations which may impact on paediatric anaesthesia. Sometimes the APA will have been involved in the development of such reports. Occasionally the APA will release statements in response to articles which appear in the popular press.  

We usually release 2 versions of each statement, one designed for clinicians and the second with parents, carers and children in mind. The statements for clinicians can be found on this page. The statements for parents, carers and children can be found on the Parents and Carers area of the site.

National Patient Safety Alerting System

The NPSAS was launched in January 2014 to help in the rapid disemmination of urgent safety matters to all healthcare professionals. Information on the launch can be found here and full details are available on the NHS England website

Residual Anaesthetic Drugs in Cannulae and Lines

NHS England has released this Stage 1 Patient Safety Alert
Further information is available on the NHS England website

Epidural Safety

The following joint statement was released on 16th September 2011 regarding epidural safety in children. Read more