Trainee Section

​​​​​​​Welcome to the APA Trainee webpages!  We have put together resources which we hope you will find useful for building your skills in paediatric anaesthesia.

You will find paediatric training competences, educational and exam resources and a database of national and international fellowships.

Also, check out the APAGBI’s Facebook page for continuing updates, including exam questions and useful articles.

The content of the trainee section will be updated regularly, so keep an eye on these pages. Please contact us if you have any requests for information you would like to see included.

Your trainee representative as of 2023 is Dr Shivan Kanani His roles include:
  • Representing anaesthetic trainees on the APA Council and Education and Training Committee
  • Keeping the APA Trainee Handbook up to date
  • Editing International Article Watch quarterly in partnership with SPANZA
  • Involving trainees in all aspects of paediatric anaesthesia to help promote future consultants with an interest in paediatric anaesthesia
  • Running national surveys to help a better understanding of paediatric anaesthesia training
  • Starting a new mentoring scheme for trainees to be guided during their core and registrar training years
If you have any questions about the APA, paediatric anaesthesia or you want to get involved in some way, then please contact Shivan at If he can’t help you directly, he will direct you to someone who can.