FRCA Exam Preparation

Here are a variety of sources to access to help you with your exam preparation.

Example exam questions, topics from the GAT meeting in 2013 are included together with a summary of the paediatric anaesthesia articles published in the Continuing Education in Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain (CEACCP) journal. 


Paediatric CRQ topics



September 2019

Paediatric day case ENT anaesthesia/Paediatric laryngospasm

September 2020

Paediatrics – Atrial Septal Defects

March 2022

Paediatrics - Meningitis

September 2022

Paediatrics – Foreign Body Inhalation

March 2023

Paediatrics – Pyloric Stenosis


Recent FRCA Short Answer Questions

Sept 17

Grommets and upper respiratory tract infection

March 17

Neonatal inguinal hernia repair

Sept 16

Anaesthetic implications of Down’s syndrome

March 16

Child protection issues of relevance to the anaesthetist

Sept 15

Paediatric meningitis

March 15

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

March 14

Grommets and upper respiratory tract infection

Sept  13

Airway anatomy in young children, problems and practice to prevent problems

March 13

Anaesthetic and pain management in patients with cerebral palsy

Sept    12

Management of meningococcal septicaemia