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A number of past projects have been published or presented both nationally and internationally, the details and links to these are found below:


Extubation techniques in paediatric anaesthesia

Oral presentation at DAS, Birmingham 2023


Swift survey: A survey of practice in the United Kingdom: Paracetamol prescribing in paediatric elective surgical patients, oral vs intravenous

Poster presentation at ESPA, Lisbon 2022


Paediatric Anaesthesia Trainee Research Network. Establishing a successful subspeciality Anaesthesia Trainee Research Network

Oral presentation at 17th World Congress of Anaesthesia - 2021


PEACHY - Perioperative Childhood Obestiry

Chief Investigators : Zoe Burton & Rosie Lewis

Published in the BJA - Dec 2021

Oral Presentation at APAGBI ASM - Sheffield 2020

Poster Presentation at 17th World Congress of Anaesthesia - 2021


PAPAYA - Incidence of paediatric unplanned day-case admissions in the UK and Ireland : a prospective multicentre observational study

Chief Investigators : Zoe Green & Natasha Woodman

Published in the BJA April 2020

Oral presentation at APAGBI ASM - Liverpool 2018


Unplanned admissions after paediatric day case anaesthesia in the UK

The results of this study fed into the design of PAPAYA

Chief Investigators: Zoe Green and Natasha Woodman

Abstract for APAGBI ASM Bristol 2017 

Poster presented at APAGBI ASM Bristol 2017  

List of collaborators


Survey of UK analgesic practice for adolescent idiopathic posterior spinal fusion

Chief Investigator: Natasha Woodman

Abstract for World Congress of Anaesthesiologists 2016, Hong Kong

Poster for WCA 2016 Hong Kong

List of Collaborators


Post-operative Tonsillectomy Analgesia after discharge: A UK practice survey

Chief Investigators: Zoe Green, Elin Jones

Abstract for APAGBI ASM 2016 Aberdeen

Poster for APAGBI ASM 2016 Aberdeen 

List of Collaborators


PATRN -  setting up a paediatric anaesthesia trainee network

Chief Investigator: Zoe Green, Elin Jones

Abstract for APAGBI ASM 2016 Aberdeen

Poster for APAGBI ASM 2016 Aberdeen