Professional Standards Committee

Professional standards are concerned with how well a service is delivered, both at departmental level and by individual anaesthetists. The work of the Professional Standards Committee, as defined by it's terms of reference is multi-faceted, covering many important ares of practice including:

  •  Overseeing and supporting the development and implementation of clinical guidelines
  •  Overseeing and supporting the APA Peer Review Scheme
  •  Overseeing and supporting the APA Linkman Scheme
  •  In conjunction with the Scientific Committee, overseeing and coordinating national paediatric anaesthetic audits 
  •  Overseeing and supporting patient and family information projects
  •  To advise in association with the Education Committee on revalidation activity for APA members
  •  Developing position statements on behalf of the APA for our members and the public
  •  To oversee the generation of guidelines and quality improvement initiatives
  •  Coordinating responses to other professional bodies or individuals seeking guidance and advice from the APA

For more information on the activities of the Professional Standards Committee please refer to the Standing Orders of the APA

The Professional Standards Committee is chaired by the Immediate Past President of the APA, for a term of two years. The full membership of the committee is listed below.


An annual meeting and others as required will be convened by tele/video-conference


The committee is chaired by the Immediate Past President with other council members forming the committee

Dr Mark Thomas (Immediate past president) 

Other members may be co-opted as required