Honorary Members Archive

The APA has for many years conferred honorary membership on paediatric anaesthetists and others who have made an outstanding contribution to paediatric anaesthesia. 

One of the first to be accorded this honour was Thomas Phillip Ayre »

Here is a list of the Honorary members of the APA:

Dr F E Bennetts (Deceased)
Dr G W Black (Deceased)
Dr G W Burton (Deceased)
Dr GH Bush (Deceased)
Prof Mme Louise Delegue
Dr WJ Glover (Deceased)
Dr JS Inkster (Deceased)  
Dr HS Love (Deceased)  
Dr P Morris (Deceased)
Dr RM Smith (Deceased)  
Prof C St-Maurice 
Dr Kester Brown (Deceased)
Prof David Hatch 
Prof Barbro Ekstrom-Jodal 
Dr David Nightingale (Deceased)
Dr Mario Govaerts 
Dr Edward F Battersby (Deceased)  
Dr Laurie Gardner 
Dr Jack O’Higgins 
Dr Sam Kielty 
Dr Douglas Arthur 
Dr Sue Jones   
Dr Anneke Muersing (Deceased) (Obituary)
Dr Rob Eyres (Deceased)
Dr John Keneally (Deceased)
Dr Elena Vivori 
Dr Ted Sumner (Interview) (Video) (Obituary)
Dr Roddie McNicol (Deceased) (Obituary)
Professor Adrian Bosenberg  
Dr Carl Rondio 
Dr Edward Armitage (Deceased) 
Dr Neil Bennett 
Dr Josef Holzki 
Dr Roger Thornington