Presidents of the APA

Here is a complete list of the Presidents of the Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland

1973-76 - Dr Robert Cope (London)
1976-79 - Dr Gordon Jackson-Rees (Liverpool)
1979-82 - Dr Harold Love (Belfast)
1982-85 - Dr John Inkster (Newcastle)
1985-87 - Dr Gerald Black (Belfast)
1987-89 - Dr Gordon Bush (Liverpool)
1989-91 - Dr William Glover (London)
1991-93 - Dr Peter Morris (Manchester)
1993-95 - Professor David Hatch (London)
1995-97 - Dr Jack O'Higgins (Bristol)
1997-99 - Dr Susan Jones (Birmingham)
1999-2001 - Dr Douglas Arthur (Glasgow)
2001-03 - Dr Edward Sumner (London)
2003-05 - Dr Neil Bennett (Sheffield)
2005-07 - Dr Peter Crean (Belfast)
2007-09 - Dr George Meakin (Manchester)
2009-11 - Dr Neil Morton (Glasgow)
2011-13 - Dr Kathy Wilkinson (Norwich)
2013-15 - Dr Bob Bingham (London)
2015-17 - Prof Andy Wolf (Bristol/Dublin)
2017-9 Dr CG Stack (Sheffield)
2019-21 Dr CD Gildersleve (Cardiff)
2021-current Dr Mark Thomas (London)


The APA Presidential Medal

The medal is worn by the President at the AGM and other formal occasions and was donated by Portex Ltd. in 1979. The hallmark confirms that it was made in 1978 by Garrard of Albemarle Street, London. It depicts the now well known baby logo, but it is not at all clear who supplied the sleeping baby image......


President's Medal Close Up

President's Medal